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TY4B Invariable Tensile Force Unrolling Wagon  

The Model TY4B invariable Tensile Force Unrolling Wagon for overhead lines is used to unroll the contract wire and messenger cable of the electrified railway lines. It is possible to unroll the contact wire and the messenger cable simultaneously or independently. This wagon is suitable for the railway construction and maintenance and can reduce section occupied time and catenary power cut time. The wagon has the characteristics of simple operation, reliable performance, convenient maintenance, and quickly staff training. s

TY4B Invariable Tensile Force Unrolling Wagon


External dimension (mm) 16430x2946x3237
Diameter of the wheel (mm) 840
Model of the bogie K2
Model of the coupler No.13 top operation coupler and ST buffer
Max. Running speed (km/h) 120
Min. radius of curvature negotiated (m) 100
Tare weight (kg) 25412
Tensile force range 6-30kh
Tensile tolerance ±3%
Max. Unrolling speed (km/h) 10
Number o the reel 2月4日
Reel mass (kg) ≤3600
Reel shaft aperture (mm) Φ80±0.5
Min. Dia. Of the reel (mm) Φ1000
Max. Dia. of the reel (mm) Φ2500
Max. Width of the reel (mm) 1200
Suitable contact wire mode (mm) ≤150
Suitable contact wire mode (mm) ≤150
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