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KM70 Coal Hopper Wagon  

Type KM70 coal hopper wagon is a new type of coal hopper wagon , which is developed in order to meet the demands for developing trend of speed-up and heavy-duty of railway rolling stock. The railway wagon is used for transporting bulk goods similar to coal and ore running on the standard gauge railway, and suitable for block-train, cycle use, fixed loading and unloading , and large scale transportation for power plant, port, coal-dressing plant and iron and steel enterprise.

Type KM70 Coal Hopper Wagon

Loading capacity (T) 70
Tare weight (T) ≤23.80
Volume (m3) 75
Axle load (T) 23
Length of wagon (mm) 14400
No. of discharged outlet  4
Length of discharge outlet (mm) 2800
Transmission mechanism  Two-stage transmission,  top lock mechanism
Working mode Top loading, bottom unloading, unloading from both sides
Bogie  Bogie K5 or K6
Coupler and draft gear No. 17 chain coupler (grade E steel) , type MT-2 draft gear
Commercial running speed (km/h) 120
Minimum radius of curvature negotiated (m) 145
Loading gauge  Conform to requirement of GB146.183 locomotive and railway rolling stock gauge for standard gauge railways.
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