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Taiyuan Railway Rolling stock Co., Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary company of North CNR. The company predecessor was built in 1898, the Shanxi Province machine industry germination place, up to now it has more than 100 year’s history, which is the state-owned large-scale enterprise, is also one of Chinese earliest railway factories. The company covers an area of 686,000 square meters, plant area of 182,000 square meters, fixed assets net value of 310.45 million yuan, the existing staff 4562 people.

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Taiyuan Railway Rolling Stock Co., Ltd. is a main factory for making and overhauling of electric locomotive, railway wagons and railway engineering work vehicles in China. Above all, the railway engineering machinery made by the factory represents the leading domestic level. The railway electric locomotive aspect involves making and overhaul each electric locomotive in the main railway, includes SS3, SS4, SS7C, SS8, SS9 etc, altogether 11 varieties, in a year 300 sets. Railway wagon involves flat wagon, hopper wagon, tank wagon and open top wagon, in a year manufacture 10000 sets and repair 5000 sets. The engineering work vehicles include catenary work car, invariable tensile force unrolling car, heavy rail car, industrial diesel locomotive, tunnel two car and so on...
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railway electric locomotive

KM70 coal hopper wagon
Railway electric locomotive
SS3 railway electric locomotive
Hopper Wagon
Type KM70 Coal Hopper Wagon
railway electric locomotive railway wagon
Railway electric locomotive
SS4 railway Electric Locomotive
Flat wagon
NK70 flat wagon
open top wagon GF70 Aluminum Oxide Powder Tank wagon
Open top wagon
C80 open top wagon
Tank wagon
GF70 Aluminum Oxide Powder Tank wagon
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